Ongoing projects for the coming academic year

A big update to my site today - I have been busy working on a lot of projects and I thought it’d be a good idea to give an update to those who come to visit. I have a lot of small projects going on alongisde the bigger ones right now. Current papers being written:

  • ACM Code of Ethics Draft 3 paper (CACM)
  • Video games and emotions, building on my ETHICOMP talk (aiming at New Media & Society)
  • Pokemon Go and autoplay (aimed at a special issue of the Journal of Gaming and Virtual Worlds)
  • Horizon Scanning paper out of Responsible-Industry work (Sustainability)
  • One of the (hopefully many) papers coming out of the Darknet drug study I’ve been doing

I am going to be submitting some talks to PAX East and other places as well.

I’m also rewriting the online module for the PhD research ethics and integrity site and doing a Twine game that helps them to explore what is suitable for their projects. It’s been a lot of work and I look forward to sharing it with everyone when it’s done!

Responsible-Industry has now finished, but COMPASS and 3D Tune-In continue - I have been giving a lot of talks and running workshops for COMPASS and continuing with the ethics management for 3DTI.

Finally I have my third year class that accompanies the final year project going on now, which I really enjoy teaching.

Here’s to a good academic year!