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A big update to my site today - I have been busy working on a lot of projects and I thought it’d be a good idea to give an update to those who come to visit. I have a lot of small projects going on alongisde the bigger ones right now. Current papers being written: ACM Code of Ethics Draft 3 paper (CACM) Video games and emotions, building on my ETHICOMP talk (aiming at New Media & Society) Pokemon Go and autoplay (aimed at a special issue of the Journal of Gaming and Virtual Worlds) Horizon Scanning paper out of Responsible-Industry work (Sustainability) One of the (hopefully many) papers coming out of the Darknet drug study I’ve been doing I am going to be submitting some talks to PAX East and other places as well.


On peer assessment in second year modules.


A post my D&D group should not read.


Why on earth would I want to do that?!



3D Tune-In

Creation of digital games and an audio toolkit to raise awareness of hearing loss and simulation of hearing loss and hearing aids.

ACM Code of Ethics Refresh

This is a project looking to refresh the ACM’s Code of Ethics - which hasn’t been done since 1992.


This project, the successor to Responsible-Industry, looks at integration of responsible innovation practices in the cyber security, nanotechnology and biomedicine industry sectors.

Liv_In: Living Innovation

This project, the successor to COMPASS, looks at integration of responsible innovation practices in large industry, focusing on the Smart Homes and Smart Health sectors.

New Psychoactive Substances on the Darknet

This interdisciplinary project looks at the sale and composition of new psychoactive substances (synthetic cannabinoids) on the Darknet.


A responsible innovation hub that brings together multiple projects including the FRRIICT project.

Pokémon Go and Mental Health

This project looks at the perceived benefits of Pokémon Go on mental health.


This project looks at implementing responsible innovation in the ICT for health and ageing industry sector.

Social Impact of Video Games

This large scale, longitudinal project looks at the social and ethical impact of video games through players’ experiences.


These are the classes I teach (or have taught in the past) at De Montfort University to Business Computing and Informatics students. I use innovative practice where possible such as transformative reflective learning, constructive alignment, and methods such as peer marking and creative learning:

  • IMAT2704: Introduction to Research and Ethics
  • IMAT3103: Research Methods
  • IMAT3901: Computer Ethics (Computer Science students)
  • IMAT3902: Computer Ethics

I also have taught the following postgraduate courses for PhD students:

  • REST7525: Ethics
  • REST7050: Information Systems Doctoral Training Programme

I supervise Final Year Projects. You can find my project proposals here.

Research Students


  • Michelle Brown (representation of women in video games)
  • George Ogoh (responsible innovation in 3D printing)


  • Job Timmermans (responsible research and innovation in research projects)
  • Candace Grant (teaching ethics to computer science students using positive psychology)
  • Eric Agyei-Bekoe (e-government in Ghana)
  • Yahya Al-Ahareth (e-learning for women in Saudi Arabia)


I dance Cotswold Morris and Molly with Black Annis.

I am walking the Leicestershire Round - 100 miles around Leicestershire - with some friends for charity.

We are raising money for LOROS - Leicestershire and Rutland Hospice.

Here’s a map of some of the photos from our walk!


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