Ethical Perspectives on Cyber Security


1) Introductions: We want to learn about the cyber-security specialisms of the participants - and, perhaps, up front their main challenge(s). Later on, we’ll explore such challenges. 2) COMPASS Project: We explain the project and what we mean by RRI. Also what the SMEs within the Malvern Cluster can gain from ‘participation’ - perhaps engaging with us on a one-to-one basis as we go forward. 3) Exploration of the Issues: We together explore some of the challenges and pick out the related ethical issues (linking these the the wider EU dimension that guides our work). Are there shared agendas for cyber-security SMEs? What are the tensions around collaboration and shared values in a context where SMEs need to be sustainable? 4) Roadmap: What are the key tenets that should underpin our ongoing work and be reflected in the content of our planned ‘Roadmap’? What are the generic issues? What are the issues that are of specific relevance to cyber-security SMEs?

Malvern Cluster Meeting
Upper Colwall, Wych Innovation Centre