Pokémon Go and Mental Health

Pokémon Go and Mental Health

This is a project with Jess Urwin, a lecturer and researcher in social work at DMU.

Pokémon Go took the world by storm following its launch in summer 2016. As well as being a fun game to play there have been some reports of it encouraging exercise, social interaction, and improving the mental health of players. This study is looking at what mental health benefits players receive from Pokémon Go, and to understand how the format of the game itself contributes to this (if at all).

We are conducting qualitative social research into this phenomenon in the following ways:

  • A large scale online survey (complete)
  • Interviews with players in Leicester (incomplete)
  • A short qualitative survey of PAX East Pokémon players (complete)

We’ll be doing some Pokémon walks and talks in Leicester throughout summer 2017 - email me if you’re interested in coming along.