Project Proposals

This page is for final year students who have taken an interest in the projects I propose. These will be updated irregularly; if you have questions please contact me in the usual way.

Programming Projects

Video Peer Marking System

Design a web-based peer marking system for videos where a class of n number of students can each upload a video URL, then (when made available by the lecturer) peer mark x number of other videos, then receive their feedback from other students (and optionally the lecturer) with the following requirements:

Challenges in this project include database design, web development, security, data structures for ensuring fair reviewing of all videos, etc. Language/database/platform up to the student.

Personal Tutoring Booking System

Design a personal tutoring booking system for use at DMU. Tutors are assigned 1 hour a week split into n minute intervals to discuss matters with their students. The system should:

An example of a simple existing system can be seen at Language/database/platform up to the student.

Research Projects

Gamification in Video Games

Games are a massive market, and gamification of games for entertainment as well as “serious games” is increasingly common. What are the challenges and potential impacts of gamification in games? In this project, critically examine gamification in different types of games and conduct some primary research into social expectations and attitudes about gamification to answer the research question.

Virtual Reality Games – are they too real?

Virtual reality is the next big thing – but are they too real, and what might this mean for society? In this project, conduct research into the ethical and social impact of virtual reality games, conduct primary research into social expectations and attitudes about virtual reality games, and come up with some suggestions for developers of these games to ensure their ethical and socially-aware development.

Augmented Reality Games

AR games, such as Ingress and Pokemon Go, are the latest craze. What might be the benefits and disadvantages of AR games, and particularly the large-scale uptake of such games? In this project, critically research the development of AR games, their ethical and social impact, and their benefits as well as disadvantages in society. Conduct primary research looking into the impact AR games have on their players.