Future Virtual Economies

Virtual Economies exist in parallel to and interact with real-world economies in games, apps, social media and online virtual worlds. In this podcast, a panel of experts discuss and debate virtual economies and the latest research around them. From games to metaverses, gold to gems, and data to public policy, the Future Virtual Economies podcast is the go-to place for the latest research and innovations. Key presenters include Anders Drachen (University of Southern Denmark), David Zendle (University of York), Catherine Flick (De Montfort University), and Sebastian Deterding (Imperial College London).

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Future Virtual Economies Episode 2: Transnational Patterns in Mobile Playtime


How does the world play mobile games? In this episode we talk about what we learned from analyzing more than 100 billion hours of playtime.

What are the cultures of play in the world? Where do we play games in the same way, and where do we play games differently? There are many questions we have not been able to answer in games research, but thanks to a new collaboration with Unity Technologies, we can lift the lid on the largest playtime analysis that has ever been done, covering more than 100 billion ours of playtime and over 2 billion players. The paper is available here: https://osf.io/jqune With Anders Drachen, David Zendle, Catherine Flick and Sebastian Deterding.

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