revision circa 2014

It’s almost 15 years since I first bought the domain name I started out with the site full of terrible poetry and homages to Nick Cave. It then went on to host my first ever blog, which I wrote in terribly insecure PHP3 and a MySQL database with an empty root password. The internet was a lot more naive back then. I recall being impressed with sites that had image link maps or whatever they were called and had one of those for a bit. I ran an early version of WordPress for a while, but that was terribly buggy and insecure. It’s still probably terribly buggy and insecure but at least it’s being cared for a lot better than it was back then. I had several rounds of custom written photo gallery applications before I realised that I just didn’t have the stamina to keep up with regular updates. I failed miserably at blogging once I had a real job and real responsibilities.

So here we are again. Round … well I’ve lost count now. 6? 7? 10? Probably not as many revisions as waferbaby but then I don’t have that sort of fanbase either. I strongly suspect only my mum and dad will read this. And probably random students who’ve come here via the SoDIS helper or Peermark systems I also run on this server. Hi! You’re pretty smart. Do well in my classes, ok?

Who knows what I’ll use this for, but we’ll see. I have vague plans of at least collecting all my non-paper academic writing in one place, so here’s as good a place as any to do so. See you all some time!

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